Handcraft by Helga Isager (EN)


HANDCRAFT is een samenwerking tussen Helga Jóna Thórunnarsdóttir en Helga Isager.
Dit breiboek bevat één basispatroon voor vingerhandschoenen en één voor wanten, maar verschillende breipatronen en verschillende randen. Prachtige tekeningen van de Japanse illustrator Toshiko Koikegami demonstreren de technieken die in het boek worden gebruikt.

Het boek telt 112 pagina’s

Taal: Engels



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In the foreword they write:
“The idea for ‘Handcraft’ arose from our shared passion for techniques and details. We have taught knitting classes together for several years and approach our craft with the same meticulous care. A design can often be improved so the stitches lie perfectly, or maybe a few extra stitches need to be
knitted to create a perfect edging. We may be the only ones to notice the difference, but the deep satisfaction that comes with creating a finished piece of craftsmanship drives us both in our work, ultimately guaranteeing that the sweater or scarf will have years of use.
We wanted to produce a book featuring a collection of some of our favourite techniques and designs. We realised that gloves and mittens were a good choice, because so many techniques go into knitting these small items. Gloves have essentially had the same shape for centuries, because they have to fit the curves of the human hand. Our idea was to write a classic book for knitters to use as a mini reference work whenever they need to refresh a certain technique – whether for knitting a mitten or a sweater.”